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What makes things so tricky for employers and OHS directors is that the rules aren’t clearly spelled out in any legislation or regulation. Instead, their created by courts, arbitrators and other tribunals in individual cases based on : their ... When marijuana was illegal in Canada, the Green Mile was a popular place to buy it, with about a dozen mismatched , shops along a stretch of highway in Ontario offering every kind of cannabis product imaginable. Throughout all of this debate, no one has tried to scientifically analyze the quality of the cannabis being openly sold over the counter in Canada's major urban centres. Until now. Protect your customers and your brand with comprehensive vape testing from the experts at Labstat. We provide the scientific intelligence you need to build a world-class portfolio of is medical marijuana prescribedThe page you were trying to view has moved. Please update your bookmarks and favorites. As with any medication, there are risks in using medical cannabis. It can interact with many other medicines and can be , dangerous with certain medications. Therefore, it is recommended that you speak with your health care provider before introducing medical , cannabis as part of your treatment plan. You should also speak with your health care provider if you have any personal or family history of substance use disorder or mental health disorders as cannabis can aggravate these conditions. Most medicinal cannabis products are unregistered drugs. This means that they have not gone through the same regulatory process as other prescription medicines. More information is available on the (TGA) website. Physicians don’t “prescribe” marijuana like they do painkillers and other drugs. Rather, physicians will “certify,” “recommend,” or “authorize” (the exact wording depends on the state) that a patient qualifies under a state program to purchase marijuana products. Often this qualification depends on whether a patient suffers from any of a list of “qualifying conditions” – which vary by canada approved medical marijuana sitesPlease note that most of the questions and answers provided below relate to legalized cannabis for non-medical purposes. For information related to cannabis for medical purposes, visit the Government of Canada. Visit the Government of Canada8217;s , Health Effects of Cannabis site for information. First shipment completed from Zenabis to ZenPharm to allow for completion of ZenPharm EU-GMP approval within the original Natrix' EU-GMP facility. While herbal marijuana has not been approved as a drug by Health Canada, several pharmaceutical cannabinoids – which contain or simulate the active ingredients found in marijuana – are approved and available in Canada. Unlike herbal marijuana, these pharmaceutical cannabinoids have undergone phase 3 clinical trials and are available in standardized dosages.

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