Gun Finishes
Don’t be limited by our name, we’ll coat anything. You want a desert camo paintball gun? FCF can do it. You want a Tiffany Blue pistol because gun's are girls best friend? We’ve done that.

CeraKote was designed to provide a high quality, long lasting finish, with high corrosion protection and durability. CeraKote is available in two compounds "C" series which is an ambient cure coating & "H" series which is a thermal cure coating. "C" & "H" series of CeraKote offer unparalleled levels of hardness and abrasion resistance because of their unique ceramic backbone. CeraKote is available in 31 standard colors. It provides excellent corrosion protection, outstanding abrasion resistance, extreme hardness, & unmatched durability. CeraKote has self-lubricating elements incorporated throughout the coatings matrix. This allow firearms to function with little or no fluid lubricants that typically attract abrasive dust particles. CeraKote performs extremely well in automatics with high cyclic rates.


Bolt Action Rifles

  • ONE COLOR, BARRELED ACTION: $265…Cerakote action, receiver, bolt and bottom metal.


AR-15 & Semi-Auto Rifles

  • ONE COLOR: $285…Includes upper and lower receiver, forearm, trigger guard and butt-stock. (Prices vary for multi-color and customized design work).



  • ONE COLOR: $235…Includes frame, barrel, cylinder and crane.


Semi Auto Pistols

  • ONE COLOR: $265…Frame, slide, back-straps, magazine floor-plates.

    • FRAME ONLY: $150

    • SLIDE ONLY: $125

    • BARREL ONLY: $65

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