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Buying a Silencer/Machine Gun/Short Barreled Rifle

First Coast Firearms will manage everything from start to finish. Heres' what to expect:

After you purchase  an item:

Paper Filing (Form 4, Form 1)

  • Pick up the ATF Fingerprint cards from FCF

  • Get 2 Fingerprint cards down by your local Sheriff's dept. (only need 2 per submission, not per application)

  • Get 2, 2x2 in passport photos for each item purchased. (You do not need to get a passport photo as long as it's 2x2 in with a white background)

  • Write $200 check to B.A.T.F.E for each item purchased. This is the tax stamp fee for Silencers, Machine Guns and Short Barreled Rifles (SBR).

  • FCF files for you, wait times are 12-14 months.

eFile (Form 4)

  • Purchase your silencer.

  • Provide your eForms User Name and 4-digit PIN, if you don't have an account we will need this information from you and create one.

    • Name​

    • Address

    • Phone Number

    • Email

    • Social Security Number

    • Date of Birth

    • Place of Birth

    • Birth Date

  • Get an electronic fingerprint file called a .eft from LiveScan or IDscan.

  • Get 1, 2x2 in photo either electronically sent by email or an actual passport photo  (it must 2x2 in with a white background)

  • Pay FCF for the $200 tax stamp as with the electronic file, we will be using our store credit card to pay online.

  • FCF files for you, wait times are 9-10 months.

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