Hands down the best Silencers on the market. Like FCF they strive to provide the best products on the market and aggresively test them. Fight the Noise!


First Coast Firearms is a full

Class 3/Title II Licensed Dealer


What does this mean?


We sell Suppressors (Silencers), SBR's (Short Barreled Rifles), Fully Automatic Weapons and SBS's (Short Barreled Shotguns).


There are some regulations/laws that you need to comply with, but we make that easy too. All you have to do is come in, select your silencer, get 2 fingerprint cards, 3 passport photos and a check for you tax stamp. We do everything else.


NFA Gun Trusts

The NFA (National Firearms Act) Gun Trust is a Revocable Firearms Trust that enables you to purchase Title II/Class 3 items legally.


Sparrow 22

Lightweight Multi-caliber Rimfire Silencer from SilencerCo.

We carry the following Suppressor brands as well:


Adavanced Armament Corp. (AAC) - To AAC, owning a suppressor is a way of life. The only Can manufacturer that has a lifestyle section on their website. Now owned by Remington Arms.


GemTech - Probably the most recognized name in suppressors, suppliers to US Military.


Liberty Suppressors - King of the Lightweight Suppressors with Titanium as well as Stainless Steel cans available.

Q Suppressors - Kevin Brittingham started AAC and now has created a new badass can company for the modern shooter. Best names named suppressors in the industry and innovative designs.


SilencerCo - You know it!


SureFire - Chosen by the US military, SWAT teams, and law enforcement agencies across the country and proven in the world's toughest combat conditions.


Thunder Beast Arms Corp. (TBAC) - Sound Suppressors for Tactical, Sporting & Competition Use. The Kings of Precision Long Range Suppressors.


Wilson Combat - The Wilson Combat WHISPER® Titanium Suppressor is the best in class for noise attenuation, portability, hard-use durability and geared to the serious shooter. Wilson Combat is so sure of this, it's the only suppressor style they make.


YHM (Yankee Hill Machine) - YHM offers models for a variety of firearms in a selection of materials from Steel to Titanium to Inconel, all at affordable prices.

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First Coast Firearms is an Official SilencerCo Dealer