Custom Ceramic Coating

First Coast Firearms is a premier CeraKote applicator in St. Augustine, FL. We specialize in guns, but that's not all we can do! We've got the capabilities to ceramic coat engine parts used in high temperature applications, motorcycle parts, bicycles, industrial parts and components, bows... Basically any metal or composite item that needs a tough and clean new exterior. 

CeraKote was designed to provide a high quality, long lasting

finish, with high corrosion protection and durability. CeraKote is available in two compounds "C" series which is an ambient cure coating & "H" series which is a thermal cure coating. "C" & "H" series of CeraKote offer unparalleled levels of hardness and abrasion resistance because of their unique ceramic backbone. CeraKote is available in over 200 standard colors. It provides excellent corrosion protection, outstanding abrasion resistance, extreme hardness, & unmatched durability.

Dirty Afghan Yeti
Yeti CeraKote
OD Green Yeti
Blue Yeti CeraKote
20 Year Old Bike
Bike Before 2
Old Bike After CeraKote
Bike After CeraKote
Industrial Reel Before
Industrial Reel Before
Industrial Reel After CeraKote
Insdustrial Reel CeraKote Side View
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