Rapidly Approaching NFA Trust Changes

SilencerCo has kindly distilled the several hundred page response to the possibility of a ATF 41P Ruling. Here's the email they sent us: ATF 41P RULING RESPONSE After reviewing the almost ten thousand comments from loyal Second Amendment supporters such as yourself, the ATF came back with answers to those comments and a ruling on 41P. The ruling weighs in at 248 pages. In the interest of providing you with the information you need without having to spend hours reading it yourself, we have provided a summary below: We will not see any changes take effect until 180 days after the official ruling has been published in the Federal Register. The ruling has not been published at this point. Thi

The Future of Gun Sales

I wanted to start sharing news as it happens that is relevent to First Coast Firearms customers and I thought it would be best to start with what was said by Obama in his press conference on Jan. 5th. I watched it live. While all has been promoted that there will be Executive Actions taken by Obama, as of today, there has not been any signed orders. But I like to back my statements up with facts, so check for yourself here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/executive-orders I also would like to share my thoughts on what he said in his briefing: Anybody in the business of selling guns must have an FFL. The word must implies a law infringing on a private seller to s

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